Smoking Poll: What Do You Think of Kim Kardashian’s New Single?

kardashian single

So Kim Kardashian is making dance records. That’s a thing that’s apparently happening now. We’ve heard rumors that some kind of music project was in the works for awhile now and, finally, it’s here.

We didn’t really expect to be writing about this today, so we’re unfortunately at a loss for commentary here. Hell, we haven’t even listened to it yet to be honest. We run a pretty action packed operation here at TSJ, we can’t be expected to just drop everything and crank out 1,000 words because Kim Kardashian dropped a new single.

So, instead of adding our two cents, we’re leaving it up to you, the readers, to tell us how it sounds. Check out the song below and then provide your feedback by voting in the poll posted just below it.

And, as always, the comments section is open and waiting for your input. Enjoy!

Turn It Up by mjs538