Keyshawn Johnson Strikes a Pose, Then Talks Some Trash

Captain Morgan PoseOn Thursday, November 4, Keyshawn Johnson joined forces with Jason Sehorn and hundreds of New Yorkers to create the largest Captain Morgan pose ever on the field at New Meadowlands Stadium. The objective: To help launch “One Million Poses,” a campaign that will raise funds for a number of charities aimed at promoting responsible drinking and other worthy causes.

Keyshawn JohnsonAfter it was over, TSJ figured Keyshawn might be in the mood for a change of subject (and to put his left foot back on the ground, probably) so we asked him about some other stuff. After, of course, an appropriate ice-breaker.

So how’s your leg? Did it fall asleep?

My leg didn’t, but I’m sure the Captain’s did at some point. He’s always in that pose.

The topic of trash talking is front and center in the sports world. Did you do some trash talking in your day?

Sure, we’d talk a little bit. But we didn’t get too personal. Maybe talk about the other guy’s wife or mother. Or his girlfriend who we met at the club whose hair is brown, drives a red car and lives on the third floor.

Oh no, that’s not personal or anything [laughs]. So who were some of the biggest trash talkers when you were still in the league?

Shannon Sharpe, of course. Cris Carter, Warren Sapp, Sam Madison. Guys like that.

It’s interesting that most of them are commentators now. How is it sitting next to Cris Carter on the ESPN set?

He’s still talkin’ trash. Same old CC.

THIS is Keyshawn Johnson? C'MON, MAN!

These days, a lot of trash talking seems to spill over onto Twitter. How do you feel about that?

I hate it. It’s different nowadays. It’s hard to have any privacy. The littlest thing gets made out to be a big splash all over the world.

So you don’t have a Twitter account?

Absolutely not.

Yeah, we figured that out when we pulled up and discovered that it belongs to some Eminem-lookin’ guy from Sacramento named Jason.

What? You’re telling me I live in Sacramento and my name is Jason?

On Twitter, at least. Does that deserve a big, fat “c’mon man?”

Yes, I’d have to say it does.