Is There a Chupacabra in Kentucky?


Mark Cothren, a Kentucky farmer, believes he has found and killed the mythical beast known as El Chupacabra, and he’s not talking about the Mexican wrestler. Cothren claims he saw a strange animal emerge from the woods near his home and head for his garden. Unable to identify the odd looking creature, he did what most any American would do when faced with something unidentifiable‚ÄĒhe shot it dead. And we wonder why the aliens are taking so long to land?

The above picture is the actual creature Cothren shot and killed. You can see more of the hideous looking beast in this adorable news report:

Hey, later for what’s on this guy’s porch, what the hell was that snarling thing in the cage? Kill it with fire, whatever it is.

All that aside, the fact remains that we’ve been down this internet road before. It seems like every single year somebody shoots or captures video of something that they swear is a Chupacabra only to later find out that it’s just a mange stricken coyote or some shit. We have no doubt that the government keeps a lot of secrets from us, but it’s hard to imagine some sort of shady cover up is in play here. Researchers find previously unknown animal species all the time. If one of these things really was a Chupacabra, we’d know all about it.

What do you think? Is this a mythical, goat slaughtering Chupacabra or a raccoon with wild animal pattern baldness? State your case in the comments below.