Kanye West Replaced His Bottom Teeth with Diamonds

Kanye West diamond grill

It’s good to see that tough economic times aren’t holding everyone down. Kanye West, for example, seems to be navigating these murky financial waters with no problem at all. All the evidence you need to support that theory can be found safely implanted where his bottom row of front teeth used to be.

Where most of us have individual tiles of nicotine crusted enamel, Kanye West now has a whole bunch of diamonds and gold. And we’re not talking about one of those bullshit snap on grills that you can buy at mall kiosks the world over. No, dude actually had his teeth removed and replaced them with diamonds and gold. You can see him using his million dollar mouth to discuss the change in this video from (and we apologize for this part) The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

So there you have it, musicians of the world. In Kanye’s own words, “there’s just certain stuff that a rock star has to do.” Proceed with your careers accordingly.