Viral Outbreak: Kanye West’s Unfinished “Monster” Video is Appropriately Creepy

When we featured Kanye West last week as part of our “Don’t Hate” series, we received a healthy dose of feedback asking us to not give the notoriously moody MC any more attention than he already gets. If you were one of those angry internet citizens, well, this might be a good time to click along to something else. Because Kanye West’s video for the insanely excellent track “Monster” has hit the internet, and we love that shit.

The consensus opinion is that this is likely an unfinished version, which would explain the occasionally off lip syncing (and hopefully the Getty Images watermarks) in some shots. But even in this less than MTV-ready state, the video is a sight to behold. Dead models? Check. Severed heads? You bet. A dead Justin Bieber being ravaged by zombies? Yes, we believe so (forward to the 1:55 mark and feel free to correct us if we’re wrong). Seriously, what’s not to like?