Reminder: You Could Be at the Playboy Mansion This Week

key club main

Last week, told you all about how you could win a trip to the Playboy Mansion for a Halloween party that’s happening THIS WEEK. Well bad news, your chance to enter and win by registering for the Playboy Key Club has passed. But your chance to be at the Mansion this Friday or Saturday most certainly has not.

Read this slowly…readers of The Smoking Jacket can be at the Playboy Mansion this week. The fine people behind the Kandy Halloween party, produced by The Karma Foundation, have provided us with a special invite code that allows TSJ readers to buy tickets to the party. That’s “tickets to the party” as in “tickets to the Playboy Mansion.” If that’s all you need to read, click here to purchase tickets and use invite code PR9469 to score your tickets to the party.

For those of you who need more convincing, here are all of the pertinent details…

  • Event: Kandy Halloween
  • Produced by: The Karma Foundation
  • Dates: Friday, October 28 OR Saturday, October 29th
  • Invite code to purchase tickets: PR9469
  • What you get: In addition to a ticket to the party, you’ll get a private tour of the Mansion grounds and access to the exclusive welcome cocktail reception hosted by Playboy Bunnies.
  • Price: $1,000 for Friday or $1,500 for Saturday

Wondering what kind of sights you’ll see if you decide to take the plunge and join us at the Playboy Mansion this weekend? Check out this photo gallery. We trust it will seal the deal.