Josh Radnor Thinks He’s All Hip and Indie Now, Plus More Movie Trailers

In this week’s Trailer Park, Josh Radnor gives birth to a Juno to call his own, we get thoroughly intrigued by a film that takes a deeper look at the relationship between housemaid and employer, and Hot Girls Who Surf: The Motion Picture Event. We’re bringing you the best trailers from around the web every Friday, so you know what not to check out in theaters. Save that hard-earned cash for extremely overpriced popcorn, ’cause you’ve earned it.

Josh Radnor, Malin Akerman, Tony Hale

Josh Radnor! Your memoir should be titled “From How I Met Your Mother to How I Met The Indie Dramedy Producer Who Financed My Pet Project In Little Under Six Years: The Josh Radnor Story.” Good for you, Josh Radnor. You made an indie comedy with heartfelt, tender moments. Made, as in wrote, starred in and directed. How do we know this is an indie project? Easy- the trailer’s lettering is in one of those hand-drawn fonts, and the word “Sundance” is in it. Does that mean it’ll be good? If you’re not already sick of all the stereotypical coming-of-age-finding-love-in-the-big-lonely-city indie comedy tropes, then probably! But if you’re looking for anything but…

The Housemaid
Jeon Do-yeon

Did anyone else just watch this and think holy crap? This is like the polar opposite of Juno, as far as indie films go. It’s an intense psychological thriller, and this trailer’s a masterpiece to boot: combine an intense, beautiful song with tantalizing snippets of revealing footage and cool slow-motion photographs of blood in water to really get our engines revved. This looks like something we could definitely check out.

Soul Surfer
AnnaSophia Robb, Lorraine Nicholson

A true story about hot girls, who surf? We’ll take two, please. Perfect date movie: she leaves inspired, you get two hours of chicks in bikinis on surfboards. Everybody wins.