Congressman John Conyers Loves Us

The recent turning of the tide that swept through Congress and the Senate didn’t hit everybody. Congressman John Conyers (D – Michigan) still has his job, for example. That’s excellent news for us because, apparently, he’s a fan!

The above video was allegedly filmed on a flight the Congressman was on back in July but is just now surfacing on the internet. It’s only 12 seconds long, but that’s more than enough time to catch a glimpse of Conyers’ preferred in flight reading…Playboy magazine. We never knew we had this kind of support in Congress, but it seems that’s just because we’re completely out of the loop. If the opening paragraph of his Wikipedia page is to be believed, John Conyers affinity for in-flight Playmate action is old news.

John Conyers Wikipedia

Uncomfortable? He must sit next to a lot of Conservative Republican types when he flies. We’ve never been anything but happy to look over and see a fellow traveler reading the good stuff.

At any rate, Congressman, thanks for the support. We trust this means we can hit you up next time we need earmark cash of some sort?

(via Gawker)