Exclusive: Playboy Data Sheet of Woman Who Took Down HP’s CEO

Former actress and marketing consultant Jodie Fisher is the woman at the center of a sexual harassment claim that resulted in the resignation of HP CEO Mark Hurd. Fisher also posed for Playboy as a Texas Tech coed for its 1980 Girls of the Southwest Conference pictorial. Like most models who pose for Playboy, Fisher filled out the celebrated “Playboy Data Sheet,” a get-to-know-you questionnaire about her likes/dislikes, turn-ons/turn-offs, aspirations and dreams. One “like”: 450 SLs. The girl had expensive taste.

Below this photo of Fisher–an exclusive outtake from photographer David Chan’s 1980 Texas Tech shoot (NSFW) at a university dorm, an oil field and a cotton wagon–we present a TSJ exclusive: Jodie Fisher’s Playboy Data Sheet.

Jodie Fisher’s Playboy Data Sheet (some personal information redacted):

Jodie Fisher Playboy Data Sheet

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