Japanese Ice Cream Robot is the Future of Awesome

Japan gets a lot of grief for the sometimes oddball shit they come up with, like Cucumber Pepsi, for example. But all of our laughing and taunting is really just hiding the one thing we all know to be true…Japan is completely fucking rad. If you disagree, it’s only because you’ve never seen the Yaskawa-kun Ice Cream Robot.

The Yaskawa-kun provides all of the treat bestowing powers of a traditional Baskin & Robbins employee without all of that unwanted interaction with other human beings. What could be better? You get to continue on that path that will likely end with you succumbing to complications from a clogged artery at the age of 38 and never once do you have to endure the judgmental glare of some high school dickhead ice cream shop employee who thinks you’re some kind of slob just because their state sanctioned lunch of nachos and gummi bears hasn’t caught up to their hormone infused metabolism yet.

Once you’re finished powering your way through that entirely too long sentence we closed the last paragraph with, check out the Yaskawa-kun Ice Cream Robot, below. We love you, Japan.