Viral Outbreak: Japan Sure Knows How to Traumatize a Kid

We’re not good with Japanese to English translation, but we’re fairly certain this clip is from a popular game show called “Let’s Scar a Kid for Life.”

Basically, a child is sent to a local aquarium, to the polar bear enclosure no less, dressed like a seal. Not this kind of seal, though.


You see, polar bears don’t instinctively want to destroy the musician Seal, even if most music fans do. So, that wouldn’t be at all funny or horrifying. Instead, they dressed the kid up as this kind of seal…


Now we’re talking! Polar bears love that kind of seal… for dinner. So somewhere in some dimly lit Japanese television boardroom, a bunch of creative types got together and decided that sending a kid dressed like a polar bear snack to stand in front of actual polar bears would be funny stuff! That part at the end where tears are streaming down her face and she appears to be on the verge of a mental breakdown? Comedy gold! That’s what that is!

Okay, fine, it is funny. But it’s still kind of mean.

(via Buzzfeed)