Jake Busey On What It’s Like to Be Jake Busey


After the highly anticipated Beavis and Butthead comeback, another show on MTV called “Good Vibes” premiered to a very impressive 1.6 million viewers. Good Vibes is an animated show that follows the character Mondo as he and his mom Babs (who Mondo describes as smelling of “Old Spice and balls” 30 seconds into the show) move to the beach town of Playa Del Toro from Jersey. Mondo meets local boy Woodie who introduces him to surfing and the hot chicks that come along with it.
We had a chance to interrupt Jake Busey’s day with a phone interview while he ran his errands, forcing him to talk to us about Good Vibes while he got his toilet paper – 2-ply, because he’s classy like that.

Fox Wasn’t Feeling The Good Vibes


Jake Busey was with the Good Vibes project from the very beginning where it was practically dead on arrival at Fox, who said no the show (but yet said yes to “Normal, Ohio” which should be all you need to know). Thankfully, Fox’s terrible taste worked out for MTV, who was smart enough to pick up the series and run with it. If you weren’t one of the millions who tuned in to watch the show, click here to see it now. You’re welcome.

Jake Is Turk, Turk Is Not Jake


Turk is the tattooed alpha male bully on the show, who also happens to be dating the girl that Mondo develops a huge crush on. Insert hilarity and moob jokes here.

Jake is the actor who is the voice of Turk on the show. Although he claims he was a lot more like Mondo and Woodie than he is Turk, which we found to be about as believable as supermodels who claim they were ugly nerds in high school since he stands at a towering, not bully-friendly height of 6’3. But he swears he wasn’t the kind of dude who tea bagged band geeks in the locker room on a daily basis for entertainment. We’re going to go ahead and pretend to believe him because I think he knows where we live.

For Reals Though, He Wasn’t A Bully…


Jake was born in Los Angeles, and raised in Malibu, California, which is why he holds the show Good Vibes near and dear to his heart. It could easily be a cartoon of his childhood, where he was indeed the one that was bullied. So much so that he decided to pull a Daniel LaRusso and take karate. He stuck it out with karate for 14 years, gaining a red belt and a keen ability to roundhouse kick a bully’s face from across the room (did we mention he’s 6’3?).

Always The Bad Guy


One look at his resume and you would think that he’s carefully planned and mastered the art of playing the bad guy since being the bad guy character makes up the majority of his movie career. However, Jake is simply befuddled as to why Hollywood has typecast him to be the quintessential villain and would love to spread his acting wings out a tad and land a comedic role. Jake seems like a very talented actor who could certainly nail a comedic role if given the chance; however, if this is the new face of hilarious:


I want to eat your face. ROFLOL!!

We might have to pass.

Yes, His Dad is That Other Busey, Shut Up About it Already


Despite having had a number of movies under his belt, the comparison to his dad, Gary Busey, never ends. It doesn’t help that Jake looks a lot like his dad. But, surprisingly, for a guy who hears his dad’s name a minimum of 30 times a day, (Hey you look like..! Isn’t your dad…? How’s your dad doing? Your dad is…. Right?) Jake hasn’t wounded, maimed or killed anybody. Impressive!

Unfortunately, we don’t think we can say the same for Gary.

Rock Star Status

Besides being an actor, Jake also plays drums for a band he started with a childhood friend called Sons Of The Lawless. The name of the band is a play on both their fathers’ friendship and their fathers’ checkered past with the law. Their musical influences vary from Black Sabbath, to Queen, to Bob Marley, to Elton John. Jake describes their sound as an eclectic alternative mix of punk rock and ska with a relaxed west coast vibe. The band doesn’t want to be boxed into any type of music genre, so don’t be surprised if they cover a Miley Cyrus song at their next concert. Check out more of their music on their Facebook page.

Don’t forget to check out Good Vibes on MTV on Thursdays at 10:30/9:30C. And check out www.jakebusey.com for more fun facts about Jake Busey, like how he also has reverend-y powers to turn couples into married folks. What CAN’T this guy do?