Iraq War Recap: Viral Videos Remembered

The Iraq War is the first war where soldiers have had access to things like YouTube. In fact, YouTube didn’t even exist when the war began. This is the first war where soldiers have been able to send messages home in the form of crazy rap songs, funny dance routines and pranks on their fellow soldiers. Major combat operations have now ceased, and in celebration of that and to honor those who have served, let’s look back at some of the best viral videos shared by soldiers.

The Original Iraqi Lonely Island Parody

“Lazy Ramadi” was one of the first videos to take the Saturday Night Live / Lonely Island “Lazy Sunday” premise and use it to represent their own hometown. It’s one of the first big viral video memes in history.

Montage: Ghost Riding Those Tanks and Humvees

Putting every rapper and teenager to shame, this collection of clips shows enough awesome ghost-riding action that you might start to mistake Iraq for San Francisco. How very, very hyphy.

Testing Military Cups

If a tag cloud could be created (with minimal to no work) it would likely show that when it comes to these videos, “boredom” is a top tag. We imagine the copious amounts of downtime give rise to awesome experiments like this wherein the army-issued cups are tested against their mortal enemy: the groin punch.

Catching A Lil’ Air in Your Humvee

Jumping a Honda civic or some crappy consumer car is one thing, but jumping cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is…just…slightly…more…badass. Slightly.

Kicking in Doors with Flair

Probably the most stylish entry of the entire war.

Worst Insurgents Ever

When a few soldiers dress up as insurgents and start playing with some fun weapons they prove that it isn’t as easy as it looks to…er…insurge.

MTV Cribs: Iraq Edition

The joke is obvious right off the bat, but stick with it until the audio improves for a few more funny lines. Truly one of the shortest tours in the history of Cribs.

Doing Laundry in Iraq

Getting clothes fresh and clean in Iraq is, apparently, similar, but very different from washing clothes here in the States.

The Ding Dong Song (Lipdub)

Soldiers tackle a dramatic lipdub of the manliest song in the history of manliness.

Tackling A Porto-potty

There is, likely, no way to imagine the horrors troops endured using portable toilets throughout the course of the day. Those hotboxes stuck in the desert sun to bake all day could not have made for a pleasant user experience. The man in this video suffers an indignity far worse than simply having to use these outdoor toilets for his entire tour of duty.