Get Your Internet Radio, NPR Fix with the NPR Radio by Livio

NPR Radio by Livio

It’s called the NPR Radio, but the newest device from Livio is far from limited to just NPR broadcasting stations. A follow-up to Livio’s LV001 featuring Pandora, the NPR Radio (Livio Radio, $199) gives you unlimited access to all NPR radio stations and podcasts, ready to stream instantly, as well as 20,000 Internet radio stations worldwide. With just a few buttons and a streamlined internal menu, the Livio Radio is a sweet companion to help you easily save your favorite stations or search for new ones to create “My NPR,” practically your own customized NPR station. And the device itself? It’s lightweight, retro sleek and a great conversation piece for your co-workers or house guests. Plus, we’ve never spent less time setting up a new electronic. The radio connects to the Internet via an Ethernet cable straight to your router or wirelessly through your home network in five or 10 minutes flat. We wouldn’t mind finding one of these in our stockings this holiday season–and, yes, actually, it would fit in the stocking.