In the Mix: Chicago Model/DJ, Adrie Marie

PHOTOGRAPHER ANDREW FEARMAN has had his eye on Chicago DJ, Adrie Marie, over the last few years, and he’s been photographing her as her career’s shot up. “I absolutely love music, and I’ve found the coolest thing about the shoots was being able to bring musical elements into the images, such as speakers, disco balls, headphones, etc.,” he says. Also the very musical strap over the boobs is inspiring, we think.

THE LADY’S NAME: Adrie Marie.

BACK STORY: Worked at Crobar in Chicago from 1998-2008 as a Go-Go dancer and then taught herself how to DJ in 2004 after being inspired by the music of the famous DJs who played there.

WHERE SHE’S AT: Adrie Marie is the resident DJ at CrescendoVertigo LoungeStone Lotus and Boardroom. She’s been a personal trainer for over 10 years and is currently a fitness instructor at Chicago’s most popular female-only gym, Flirty Girl Fitness.