Someone Get this Man a Job!

We’ve reached our usual article posting limit for the day, but damn if we weren’t going to get this out there as quickly as possible. Consider it a bonus.

In this video, a homeless man is seen holding a sign by the roadside asking for money. Nothing unusual about that. But what is unusual is his claim that he has a “golden radio voice” that he’s willing to show off in exchange for a little generosity.

A Columbus news station decided to take him up on the claim and, holy shit, he’s not lying! When you first hear it, the effect is a bit jarring given his disheveled appearance. But he’s indeed correct, that voice needs to be earning him some much needed cash in a way that doesn’t involve begging for change.

An interview with the man reveals that his name is Ted Williams and, despite hitting the same rough patch of alcohol and drugs that claim so many others, he’s got two years clean under his belt and he’s trying to get his life back in order.

Here’s hoping some radio executive with a heart sees the video and gives Ted a shot. We’re certainly pulling for him.