Giveaway Day 11, Part One: DJ Control MP3 e2


TSJ has always believed in the power of giveaways–and in our kickass readers the past few months. As our way of giving back for the holidays, we’re rolling out our biggest giveaways yet with our 12 Days of Giveaways free shit blowout. Every weekday for the next few weeks, we’ll be giving away everything from DVDs and books to gadgets and furniture for you to stuff your own stocking. Keep your eye out for the daily post to see how you can win hundreds of dollars worth of freebies.

How do DJs stay employed these days? With all of the gadgets, hair gel and straight-up narcissism available on the cheap, any dude living next door in his mother’s basement off of Cheetos and King Cobra can claim to be the “hottest DJ you ever seen, bro.” And now we’re going to make this dream a reality for one lucky TSJ reader with this too-big-for-your-stocking DJ board gift.

*Epilepsy-inducing flashing lights set not included

The DJ Control MP3 e2 is perfect for any amateur or beginner DJ with a handy laptop and an itch to scratch. The board hooks up to your computer via USB connection and transfers two tracks to the two decks for mixing, scratching, fading and looping. With no need for electrical support–it’s powered simply from the USB connection–and its size, smaller than a laptop, it’s perfect for schlepping to and from the bitchin’ sweet 16 party you’re hired to spin at.

The controller also has one cross fader with two volume faders, backlit buttons, playlist browsing, six equalization knobs and two pitch knobs. If you didn’t understand a word we just said, just know this: There’s plenty of shit to tamper with on this board to create your very own mixes from your favorite music on your computer.

Mom may not like it, but we’re going to give one of you the controller to make your lonely evenings a little more thump-tastic from now on. Here’s your challenge to win it:

We love us some lady DJs. And we bet you do, too. So…

Friend The Smoking Jacket on Facebook (click here) and post a SFW link to a hot lady DJ you’d kill to see pose for Playboy. Then come back here and leave us your Facebook display name, as well as an explanation for why you chose who you did, in the comments below to let us know you’re in it to win it.

The commenter with the best suggestion wins the DJ Control MP3 e2.

Giveaway closes Tuesday, Dec. 21.

Be sure to provide a legit e-mail address when you comment so we can contact you.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.

This is almost it, y’all. Only two more giveaways to go, and things are only going to get better from here, if you can believe that. Check back later today for a giveaway that will keep even the most devoted Playboy fan entertained for years to come.