Giveaway: ‘Apocalypse Now’ Deluxe Edition on Blu-Ray

Playboy Bunnies usually aren’t the first things to come to mind when you think about the epic war film Apocalypse Now by director Francis Ford Coppola. But their roles in the film were a lot more than just eye candy. Check out this clip of an interview with Francis Ford Coppola explaining the Playboy presence:

The interview appears in full on the deluxe edition of Apocalypse Now on Blu-Ray, in stores Oct. 19. But we’re making it extra easy for you to get your hands on your own copy for free:

Post your favorite quote from the movie in the comments below, and we’ll pick five winners at random to win a Blu-Ray box set.

Giveaway closes Sept. 24, winners will be notified by e-mail (so include a legit e-mail address when you comment) and receive their copy on or after Oct. 19.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.

“Smell that? You smell that?”
“Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.”

(The above quote doesn’t count now. Too bad.)