Girlwatcher: Katy Perry, the Soon-to-be Ex-Mrs. Russell Brand

THE FIRST CELEB GOSSIP OF THE YEAR: Singer Katy Perry and comedian/motorboatin’-son-of-a-bitch Russell Brand are calling it quits after nearly 14 months of marriage. According to speculation, she was blindsided by the move, and Russell stands to make a wad of cash. And according to further speculation, this has happened because Katy the Wife has turned out to be too much like the sexy, ever-partying Katy the Girlfriend.

Ah, but life goes on. If Katy was still a little wild for wildman Russell’s taste, she will no doubt go on a wild streak of epic proportions just to prove  point. And Russell, who was known in the UK as “that scruffy comedian wot shags all the fit birds” will likely pick up where he left off.

We’ll be seeing Katy again, but here, to refresh your memory, are her hottest pictures from the pre-Brand era up to her recent solo Christmas holiday in Hawaii.





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