Girl on Girl: Tiffany Crystal and Jessica Vaugn

TIFFANY CRYSTAL IS MARCH 2012′S PLAYBOY CYBER GIRL OF THE MONTH, and she’s a girl growing closer to my heart every day! I know TSJ readers will enjoy hearing from Tiffany again after a December feature on the site. In case you wondered, her legal name IS Tiffany Crystal–too hot to make up! She sends signed prints if you get her an item off her wishlist… sounds like a deal to consider for any collectors out there!

Hometown/Where you live now:
Orlando Florida/Los Angeles California.

Vital Stats:
5’6; 120 lbs; 34C-25-35.

Congrats on being Cyber Girl of the Week and Month! We can’t wait to see your CGOM feature in March! How excited are you? Anything you want to share with us about it?
Thank you! Finding out that I was going to be CGOM really topped off an amazing year! I had so much fun at my first shoot, but am even more excited now that the nerves of being naked for the whole world are gone. After you’ve taken it off once it’s no biggie. As far as details about the shoot, I don’t even know them yet myself!

What is your ULTIMATE model job or shoot?
I would die of complete joy if I opened a magazine or saw a billboard with my face on it for any national campaign ad. So shooting for that would be equally awesome! Obviously, though, a Playmate shoot would be up there, too.

Describe your perfect mate.
Someone I can laugh with and who laughs at my attempts at making a joke, is 100 percent supportive and encouraging of my goals, indulges my quirks, and is secure in himself. A pair of blue eyes and boyish good looks with a 5 o’clock shadow are just the cherry on top.

I rarely meet a girl I just adore as much as I do you! What do you think is your most charming trait?
Well you are sweet, darlin’. I am pretty darn found of you, too! Hmm… hard to pick just one… humility for sure. (Joke!) I think I am just me, I’m just all the little things make up who I am and I don’t try to change anything. I am weird, or goofy, and silly, and that is just fine with me. I think in our business we come across a lot of people who are trying to be something or someone they aren’t. So genuine: That is my final answer.

You recently moved to L.A. What is your favorite part of being a Californian?
Walking! It is so amazing to walk everywhere! I haven’t had to put gas in my car once so far! I really can’t think of anything better than looking at the ocean and mountains as I do something as mundane as walk to the post office.

What musician would you just DIE to be in a music video for?
Eminem! A lot of people probably know this, and if you have ever rode in my car longer than 15 min you have experienced this. I have had a crush on him since I was 12. That’s over a decade, Slim Shady! He needs to get with it and let T-Bunny make her debut!

List some of your favorite models.
Oh this list is long. The crown of course belongs to Adriana Lima. I could stare at photos of her for days on end. I absolutely love her face. One of the biggest perks of modeling is having hot model friends and they are all my favorites, too.

We are very excited to be meeting a very famous rapper–whose name we cannot yet disclose–in a few weeks. Have you ever been in a similar situation of not being able to share your upcoming news with your modeling fans because the the element of surprise, or companies asking you to hold the news?
Well this is the first time Cyber Girl of the Month is being announced and I have had to keep that a secret for almost 2 months! There is a lot of waiting and also I hate to announce things that are not 100 percent since things can always change. Like that really exciting shoot that we will be doing in the next few weeks at an unknown location… All the details I can say for now!

Perfect boobs and inviting eyes, that’s what I love about you! What is your favorite physical trait?
You just named both of them. I do like my boobs. They are a fun accessory.

I cannot stand a guy who… 
Fist pumps. Wears rhinestones or glitter. Spends more time getting ready than I do. Is disrespectful/shallow/egotistical. Shall I go on?

I cannot stand a girl who…
Betrays one of her friends or is crude. Or walks out of a club barefoot. Or purposefully causes drama for attention.

What is the biggest misconception about modeling someone outside the industry has approached you with?
The weirdest one I heard was that I must be on drugs, because apparently all models are hooked on drugs. That seemed a littler crazy to me. Drug-free is the way to be for me! I don’t even care for drinking very much. I feel very comfortable naked and 100 percent sober, thanks!

The world needs more…
Love and sex. And money–our economy could use a little boost. It would also be nice if we could have a greater desire to help those in need and not always be wrapped up in our own lives. I am not pointing fingers since I am also guilty. A greater compassion and tolerance for others as well.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @Tiff_Crystal

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