Girl on Girl: Tara Babcock and Jessica Vaugn

Tara Babcock is a gaming bombshell with a real head on her shoulders! I met this very sexy blond at GlamourCon in Los Angeles some time ago. You can find this hottie all over the net, especially the nerd hangouts! Read on to see where she plays, her definition of the perfect guy, and her Playmate crush!

What is your hometown and where do you live now?
I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. My home base is still there, but I travel to Los Angeles (and around the US) often for modeling, and other things. It’s nice to have a place to rest and relax away from the busyness of work, and the drama that it sometimes brings. Seattle is my personal comfy spot!

34DD-23-36, 5’4″, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair.
Irish, Welsh, and Native American descent.

Where have we seen your modeling?
In terms of Playboy, I have not worked with the company very much, unfortunately. The only thing other than a mansion party or two would be my feature on The Smoking Jacket under the Girlwatcher section. The feature was titled “Tara Babcock Will Shoot You with Her Laser Boobs”! As far as my other favorite accomplishments, I loved being featured so many times in American Curves and Ultimate MMA magazine. I followed them before modeling was my career and dreamed of being a part of them. I also have a lot of nerd-cred work I have done, like IGN and G4TV. Other than modeling, gaming is my major passion, so I hold those close to my heart. I am always looking for new things to add to my long list, though!

First off, congrats on being an amazingly talented marketer/self-promoter! You do a much better job than most! Did you have to work hard to develop a sense of self or did it all come pretty natural; transitioning to the online world to promote your brand?
Thank you, gorgeous! I’ve always been a very logical and analytically person. I assess situations before I go jumping into projects that sound attractive, and on top of that, I am a total perfectionist. I guess you can say it has come a bit naturally, yeah! It’s a ton of hard work, dedication, and sometimes willpower, though! I’m not too great with the whole willpower thing… Haha!

Where have you gone that no [wo]man has gone before?
Well, I once floated out to the Caribbean and spotted an unclaimed island! I quickly threw down a flag and claimed the island for myself, bestowing “Taradise” on it as its new name!

You are a signing and conventions fanatic! That’s awesome! I love all your pink sparkly Tara stuff! What are your most popular items at signings for fans?
I love signing posters. It’s quite the challenge, keeping them unrolled while signing big enough to match the ratio of the image. Signing is also a challenge for lefties like myself, I always end up almost smudging it! Events are so much fun to me, I love meeting fans and socializing! They all rock!

Other than the obvious, tell us about Tara’s G Spot!!
Haha! Tara’s G-Spot is my section on Impulse Gamer where I write articles about games and cover gaming and eSports events. It’s Tara’s Game-Spot, games that hit the spot, according to Tara Babcock. My editor and I thought it would go over better with the public if we combined sexuality with gaming. I feel that the quality of the content makes people continue reading, while the eye candy gets them there in the first place! My articles and galleries can be found at I am currently working to put together the pictures, videos, and articles for last week’s E3 and MLG events!

Who is your favorite Playmate or Playboy model of all time?
My favorite Playmate of all time would have to be either Holly Madison, or Victoria Silvstedt. I definitely enjoy the girls with the most stereotypical Playboy look best. I love the sweet “girl next door” look mixed with the very feminine blue eyes and blonde hair! That, and their amazing curves! Yummy!

On a first date, what things can win a guy major points with you? What things will make you never see him again?
If a guy is hot and interesting enough for me to go on a date with him, or spend time with him, then that’s enough for me. I’m really picky, and sometimes weird with who I like, and it’s not really something any guy can aspire to. Just be yourself, take care of yourself, and don’t forget the hygiene! I love muscles and masculinity, but I have been known to fall for a gamer nerd or two as well!

What do you perceive as the sexier things about yourself?
Other than the obvious big boobs, lips, big blue eyes, and such, I think the sexiest thing about me is that I can really hang with the boys in terms of personality traits and opinions. A lot of girls are easily offended, lack a “man’s” sense of humor, or are not into guys’ interests… that is definitely not me!

What is a sexual fantasy you have but have never been able to fulfill?
I have satisfied most of my curiosities and fantasies, actually, but there is one thing I haven’t done exactly the way I want. I want to take a trip somewhere relaxing, or exotic, with a guy I like and screw his brains out while getting to know him. I think the mystery and uncertainty is what attracts me to it — taking that perfect trip to paradise with a hot guy and seeing how it goes!

What were you like in school? I read in your bio you were head cheerleader, but what else?
I was a tomboy, but at the same time, I liked fashion and looking good. I have been doing my own makeup since I was in fourth grade, too. I was popular, but sometimes I was more hated than liked. There was a lot of jealousy and misconceptions going around when I was in school. I never cared for drama. I went to college during high school, partly to get away from it all.

What is your sex and relationship advice for guys?
I am a bit forward and an “exception” when it comes to sex and love, but I would say most girls are just looking for a confident, successful man. A man who can be her king, but at the same time, her prince. A king in the sense that they take charge and can stand alone, and a prince to sweep them off their feet and bring passion to their lives. Again, I’m not really the same… it depends on the boy, I guess!

My ULTIMATE modeling assignment would be…
The ultimate assignment for me would be to work as a nerdy model for some kind of high-profile video game, or a cover with Playboy that is nerd-focused, kind of like Olivia Munn was able to do. I love modeling and I love gaming. My ultimate job would combine the two, bring in tons of cash and followers, and show the mainstream world how hot and attractive gaming can be!

Lets say you were planning a celebrity threesome… who are you inviting?
Well, Chris Evans in his Captain America suit with myself and Katy Perry! That girl is so gorgeous! Holly Madison can come play, too, but I think a four-some would be too much to ask!

You can definitely add to the thressome, nice selections, by the way! What is the most ridiculous thing a photographer has asked you to do for a shoot?
Hmm, I can never remember the “most” of anything when put on the spot like this, but during my trip to LA last week one of my photographers wanted me to stand on this platform on top of wobbling cinder blocks in i-inch heels. I refused and he seemed very angry with me. I tried explaining that I had to walk all week for E3 and the MLG eSports event working as press, but I guess he wanted me to break my leg! What a jerk!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Official Website:
Gaming Articles:
Gaming Livestream:
Twitter: @TaraBabcock

You guys can also find me on Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram! Just do a Google search for all of my work and other ways to find out more! A special thanks to the absurdly gorgeous Jessica Vaugn for the interview, and Playboy/TSJ for the spot! I’m super happy and honored to be a part of it!