Girl on Girl: Alix Thomas and Jessica Vaugn

ALIX THOMAS IS A CHICAGO-BASED MODEL AND ACTRESS. The striking, articulate redhead gives you a peek into what she finds sexy in a potential partner, what she might do with a cheater, and how her scare with cancer made her a stronger woman.

Vital Stats:
34C-24-34; 5’6”; 105lbs

What do you love about acting? Do you consider yourself more of a model or an actress?
What I love about acting is hard to put into words. It’s more of a feeling. I love how you can read a script and bring it to life, how you can put yourself in other people’s shoes who may be nothing like you, how you become the story. I love acting and hope to act much more in the future. I fell in love with everything about it, from the excitement of receiving a script, to being on set, and working with so many talented people to create one big story. The rush of being on camera is amazing. I would like to be more of an actress in the future, but I have great respect for my modeling career, as it opened the door for me to act.

What are your goals for 2012 with regards to modeling and acting?
My goals are to be as healthy as I can. I had quite a health scare this year. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and I had to have emergency surgery. Since, I have realized even more what things are important in life, like my family and close friends who were with me through it all, as well as realizing all the dreams I have and want to complete before I die. Creating works of art on film and on paper using the strength my experiences have given me are my dreams.

Your sexy red hair is a big part of your look… would you change colors for a movie role?
Thank you! I would definitely consider changing my hair color for a movie role. The greatest thing about acting is that you become someone else and the easiest way for me to do that would probably be to change the thing I’m most known for (my hair is all natural, no color and no extensions). I would have to be careful about what I put in my hair however, because I think a lot of people might get mad at me for changing it!

Who is your celebrity crush?
Where do I start? Johnny Depp (obviously), Ryan Gosling (perfect combination of the good guy and bad guy), Val Kilmer in Top Gun, Marilyn Manson, Michael Hutchence from INXS (died way too young!) and I’m going through a little Zak Bagans phase because he hunts ghosts for a living. I really don’t have a type, what I’m drawn to is someone with a very strong, dominant, confident presence. That makes someone sexy.

How has your Marketing and Communications degree helped you as an entertainer?
It has helped me tremendously! I actually just emailed a professor of mine who taught me marketing and salesmanship and thanked him for everything. Knowing the business from both sides is very important and that’s what modeling and acting while going for a marketing and communications degree has allowed me to learn. It gives you an edge when you’re auditioning because you can mold yourself into what the company is looking for as someone who will sell their product. Instead of thinking so much about yourself, you tend to think about the needs and wants of others.

You’re interning at a law firm this summer. How did you land that position? And congrats!
Thank you! That happened from being in the right place at the right time. Law was always a passion of mine, from the time I was in junior high. I remember I would watch any movie that took place in a court room (A Few Good Men, anyone?). Had I not been modeling and acting throughout college I think I would have just gone right to school for law, but my life took a turn and I decided on marketing (which I have no regrets about, I know I was meant to go that route as well). After I graduated, this passion for law had not left and I figured better late than never. I grabbed an LSAT book and started studying. I have an absolute passion for justice.

What is your checklist when considering dating a new guy? What traits are a must and what traits make you run the other direction?
I like someone who can give me a relationship that looks crazy, bizarre, and abnormal, but in reality is extremely normal. I like adventure, I like someone who is respectful and treats me like a woman. I like someone who is loyal, someone who makes me feel comfortable in their presence. Someone who has their own life and profession that they’re passionate about, who’s financially stable. I like someone who can teach me things because I like to grow in relationships. I love when someone is a little jealous and possessive and wants me all to himself. I think that’s kind of cute and sexy.

What would make me run? Anyone who isn’t serious, who doesn’t know what they want, or who isn’t passionate about anything. The whole ‘whatever happens, happens’ thing is really unattractive. I’m a firm believer in fighting for what you want and in the saying, ‘You know what happens to people who stand in the middle of the road… they get run over!’

What would you do with a boyfriend you discover has been cheating on you?
Since I’ve been on both ends of this, being cheated on as well as the one cheating, I can tell you firsthand it is not worth it and causes extreme pain for everyone involved. So my answer is anyone who cheats is gone.

Reading about your encounter with cancer, I really find you to be a blessed person! How are you doing now and what did you learn through your ordeal?
Thank you. I’m doing much better. I’m making it even more of a priority to eat right, exercise, relax and take care of myself. I feel so blessed to be here because one more week and it could’ve been a fatal situation. I learned, as cliché as this sounds, who is really there and who isn’t. It was so strange to me to see who showed up at my door with meals, groceries, and magazines while I healed, or who else mailed me wonderful cards and letters (some of these people I never even met in person!). It made me learn to love the moment, love the now, and love the people who want to share it with me. I owe so much to my mom and youngest brother. Their love is unconditional and priceless.

I hope to raise money for cancer patients and cancer research this coming year through a very cool photo shoot. I’ll post more about that on my website when the time comes.

What is it about you guys compliment you on the most? What is your favorite physical trait about yourself?
First, they always say I’m prettier in person. Next, I think they’re surprised at how down-to-earth I am and how traditional my values are. I have an awesome personality. That’s my favorite trait.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Follow me on Twitter: @Alix_Thomas
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