A Video Guide to Purchasing Your Own Jet Pack


What do you get the man who has everything? It’s the question we always hear this time of year. Well, we may have the answer. Get him the one thing almost no one has but every man wants—his own jet pack. But does such a thing even exist? If so, can you buy it?

Time Magazine actually names a new jet pack, the Martin Jet Pack designed by New Zealander Glenn Martin, one of the best inventions of 2010. But you’ll have to wait until next year to buy one. Who has time for waiting when it comes to buying a jetpack? There has to be another option.

Can you make one at home? Only one way to find out. We surfed the web for video evidence of a real life jetpack affordable enough to bring home for the holidays. Here’s what we came up with.

At Least It’s Cheap

If you’re the DIY type (and the barely able to pay rent type) this is the option for you. It doesn’t actually fly, but it certainly looks pretty fly. And you can build one yourself for just $30! What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks For Nothing, Mythbusters

On this episode of Mythbusters, they take about a month and spend $10K to see if they can turn plans they bought online into a personal flying machine. What they get is more of a giant fanny pack than a jet pack. The moral of the story—the Mythbusters guys are a bunch of goddamn dream killers.

Now This Is More Like It

More research, however, showed us that the men from Mythbusters claims that this kind of personal aircraft can’t be made were a bit overblown. The GEN corporation out of Japan (of course) has created the GEN H-4, which flies just fine, if a bit noisily. The company does not yet have a distributor, but they are selling kits online if you’re interested in building one yourself.

A Quarter of a Million Dollars Goes a Long Way

But if strapping yourself onto a giant fan is not your idea of recreating the Jetsons, check out the TAM Rocket Belt from Technologia Aeroespacial Mexicana. The list price a couple of years ago was $250,000, but now you have to contact the company for pricing, and you know what that means. Savings! Or possibly the exact opposite! The company claims that, “This is the kind of flying machine that millions of people saw in the James Bond 007 movies.” Sign us right the fuck up!

You’ll Have Money Left Over!

A slightly less costly option is the T-73 from Jet Pack International. For a mere 200 large, you’ll get a machine you can fly for about 9 minutes at more than 80 mph. Fatsos need not apply though—you have to weigh 180 pounds or less to pilot one. Maybe skip the Christmas cookies this year and give it a shot in 2011.

The Likely and Unpleasant Conclusion

Finally, if you do decide to try and build a jet pack on your own from scratch or even if you’re just planning to pilot one that you shelled out a year’s salary for, check out this video and you’re sure to reconsider. Right? Right?!?!?