From Cartoon to Woman: The Evolution of Lara Croft

lara croft

Lara Croft, the gorgeous British archaeologist/kickass adventurer has been charming us for just about 18 years. And it’s not that she’s aged so much from then to now as she’s morphed… like a butterfly?? or something pretty like that over the years.

That’s because as gaming technology evolves, so do the brains-and-beauty combo that is Lara Croft. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold. It packs a punch. It works for us. Details become crisper. She’s grown from cartoon hero into a three-dimensional woman, right before our very eyes.

Check out this here trusty infographic. It does all the legwork. It shows us how it happened, step by gaming step.

Lara Croft Infographic
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