Buy a Good Book For Cheap and Help a Great Charity

Wordplague, a collective of writers borne from the very bowels of the underworld, have pooled their talents in the name of helping a great cause. Their new book, The Four Humors, is a collection of 20 short stories and associated pieces of original artwork that explores the differing and sometimes dark sides of life.

It’s a great read and, at a mere $2.99, a bargain at twice the price. It’s available through Amazon’s Kindle store by clicking right here. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on your PC, iPad or any of the other various formats that Kindle apps are available for.

And the best part is that your purchase goes toward helping out a great charity, the Kiva Loans Foundation. This charity benefits some of the poorest people on the planet by granting loans to entrepreneurs to create businesses and wealth. It’s a wonderful cause that’s more than worthy of your support. And thanks to our friends at Wordplague, you can help out and get a nice little slice of entertainment in return.

So do it! Now!

To buy your Kindle copy of The Four Humors, click here. To read more about the Kiva Loans Foundation, visit