Five People We’d Like to See Host Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is kicking off its 36th season tonight with veteran cast member Amy Poehler hosting, and the line up for other hosts that’s been announced so far is equally bombacious. Bryan Cranston, Jane Lynch, Emma Stone, John Hamm and Lindsay Lohan (unofficially) are all slated to appear this season, and with a roster that promising, who can help but get a little bit dreamy?

We put together a list of five more entertainers that we’re convinced could bring the funny and fill out the rest of the season. Chill, Lorne. The work’s been done for you.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Her first LP, Pink Friday, is coming out on November 23rd, so booking Nicki as both the host and the musical guest around Thanksgiving would be real smart.

If you’re thinking practically, both the SNL cast and writers have to bring a whole slew of fresh ideas to the table week after week. When a host is brought in who already has a whole collection of accents and characters, everyone’s job is made a lot easier and the show shines. It’s The Justin Timberlake Effect, and if any emerging stars out there have it, it’s Nicki Minaj.

Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco

We have to admit that we haven’t caught too much of Bengal’s wide receiver Chad Ochocinco’s VH1 dating show, Ochochinco: The Ultimate Catch, but we were die hard Hard Knocks fans last season and know that the dude who came up with “kiss the baby” is probably one of the only athletes qualified to host.

It’s the truth. Who is worse at hosting Saturday Night Live than athletes? Every sketch turns into a joke about their abnormal size and uhhh, we don’t know that many hugely successful professional athletes that have been praised for their eloquence.

But if the pattern holds true, there’s going to be at least one ball playing someone or another hosting at some point this season, so here’s hoping they do the right thing and put in Ochocinco, who can form coherent sentences.

The Ghost of Rue McClanahan

rue mcclanahan

If the Internet could revive the career of Betty White with nothing more than a Facebook group, than we’re sure that if we started now, we could have the ghost of Betty’s sexiest co-star holding down the season finale hosting spot.

Perhaps it’s a morbid suggestion, but the America’s favorite Southern slut would surely do at least as well as her fellow Golden Girl, and considering she’s already dead, she’d be able to host the entire her show herself.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and Tiger Woods

Considering his natural comedic ability and the fact that he’s appeared as a musical guest, we’re surprizzled that the Snoopster hasn’t already been asked to host. The dude’s anything but camera shy and as we saw in Training Day and Soul Plane, he’s not half bad at the whole acting thing (To be fair, we never saw Soul Plane, but it can be assumed that his performance was as powerful as the leafy green he’s smoking.)

Bristol Palin

bristol palin

Now that she’s participating in Dancing With The Stars, it’s safe to assume that the former vice presidential nominee’s daughter is fancying herself to be somewhat of a celebrity. And honestly? After all the attention we’ve given her craptastic baby daddy, why not let everyone’s favorite teen mom host SNL?

And duh, of course Tina Fey would have to reprise her role as Sarah Palin in a sketch where they reenact whatever super-effective abstinence talk it was that the mother and daughter once had.