Everything Mars One: The Infographic

Mars One

We here at TSJ are a little obsessed with things outer space, like planets, and rocket ships, and aliens waking us up in the night for a little something special. And what really turns our crank especially is thinking about a future that will combine our favorite things (hopefully together with dinosaurs and robots), where we all live in space utopia and wear rubbery pants you never have to wash, and that strap under our shoes, like on Star Trek. 

So of course we’re following all the Mars One get real humans to live on Mars hoopla pretty closely.

That could be us living/dying out there on the little red planet. It could be you! Hey we’re talking 2023. There are a lot of unclear details still.

Here’s a trusty infographic for your Mars One pleasure.

Have you signed up to live on Mars yet?

Mars One

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