Eight Tecmo Bowl Remakes of Classic NFL Playoff Moments

Sometimes an Internet trend is so brilliantly useless that it must be recognized and appreciated. Case in point: Syncing real broadcasts of unforgettable NFL moments with corresponding footage from Nintendo’s Tecmo Bowl.

Are we disturbed that people have the time to make these videos? Slightly. Are we entertained? Absolutely. So before this year’s conference championship games and Super Bowl provide even more Tecmo-worthy highlights, hearken back to the days of Bo Jackson’s lightning speed with these eight clips.

The Catch

The David Tyree Miracle

Roethlisberger to Holmes

Marshawn Lynch Barrels His Way to the End Zone

Adam Vinatieri’s Golden Leg

Marcus Allen’s Iconic Run

Peyton Manning Finally Beats the Patriots in the Playoffs

Tracy Porter’s Pick Six Seals the Saints’ Super Bowl Victory