Eight Must See Rock Shows Happening this Halloween Weekend

Halloween Party TicketsHalloween is almost here. With the candy gathering festivities taking place over the weekend this time around, expect things to be extra raucous around town. If hordes of rioting partygoers isn’t your bag, maybe consider hitting a rock show instead. There are plenty to choose from no matter where you live.

Here are eight shows happening this weekend that shouldn’t be missed.

Sleigh Bells – Triple Rock Social Club – Minneapolis, MN – October 30th

Sleigh Bells BandTickets: www.vita.mn

If you’re in the mood to do the blackout-drunk-at-a-rock-show-with-hipsters thing, this is your show, Minnesota. We caught Sleigh Bells when they were out in Los Angeles at The El Rey and the Hollywood Bowl and they shut it down live. One tip, though: Ear plugs, bro. We’ve never been one to pussy out and pop the plugs, but Sleigh Bells will hit you like a brick wall to the face. So much sound.

Possible costume ideas: Something ironic or completely sincere. JonBenet Ramsey or “your therapist” will both impress.

GWAR – The Rave – Milwaukee, WI – October 31st

GWARTickets: www.therave.com

The only person we’ve ever known who was really into GWAR was this dude Trevor we went to high school with who drove a vintage ambulance and only wore black t-shirts and camouflage pants. Basically, exactly the kind of creepy-ass/hardcore person you want to spend your Halloween getting tanked with. And since the band is always in costume, they’ll probably go all out for the big night.

Possible costume ideas: An alien giving birth, an evil doctor with the top of their head ripped off/brains exposed, L. Ron Hubbard

Florence + The Machine – House of Blues – Boston – October 31st

florence + the machineTickets: www.coasttocoasttickets.com

Boston’s full of hammered college kids in obnoxious topical costumes on the big night, so you might want to seek refuge (not to mention sensitive babes with good taste) at Florence’s show. Some people are bound to be in costume and despite the low-key nature of the venue and music, Florence knows how to put on a show and should rise to the occasion.

Possible costume ideas: Nearly any costume with some sort of pun or literary reference involved will at least spark up a convo with one of those emotional/cool hotties we spoke about earlier, so aim for that. Just stay away from The Game, Everybody Poops and actually, pretty much anything scatological or misogynistic seeming and you’ll be fine.

Hardfest Haunted Mansion – Shrine Expo Hall – Los Angeles – October 30th and 31st

HardfestTickets: www.hardfest.com

The people who go to these HARD parties are always like, the Four Loko of people. They’re dangerous, when you’re around them you might as well be doing drugs and they probably should be illegal. Basically, it’s just a room full of super trendy or super late-to-the-party-of-life type people getting buckwild to Underworld, Bloody Beetroots, Boys Noize and Rusko. It’s a real good time if you’re prepared to find yourself at a Denny’s at 7 AM on November 1st, half in your banana suit, half wondering what time they start serving alcohol (it’s 8 AM, guys.)

Possible costume ideas: You want colorful, disposable and easy. Invest nothing. God knows if you’ll even come home alive. An ironic fanny pack filled with a sensible snack and an extra cell phone battery may just be good enough.

DEVO – Hammerstein Ballroom – NYC – October 30th

DEVOTickets: newyork.metromix.com

DEVO is hosting a special Halloween Masquerade with Metro PCS (LOL, that’s so dorky, DEVO), and since they just released a new album, they’ll have more to play than just the classics. The audience and the band are sure to go all out, so you should start putting together your costume immediately after TicketMaster sends you your purchase confirmation.

Possible costume ideas: Nostalgia is going to be a big hit at this show, obviously, so recreating iconic characters will be the way to go. A Care Bear, Bill and/or Ted, Alonzo “Hamburger” Jones, Marty McFly and C-3P0 would all be appropriate.

Wiz Khalifa – Emo’s Jr. – Austin, TX – October 30th

Wiz KhalifaTickets: www.emosaustin.com

If you dig indie rap and the smell of marijuana smoke, you’ll probably find that the Wiz Khalifa show is exactly the kind of chill environment you’re looking to spend your H-Weenies in. Wiz is known for pulling his beats from dance tracks and techno music and was named MTV’s Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010. Check him out before you can no longer catch him at a small venue on a holiday.

Possible costume ideas: Dude, just stick some glow sticks to the top of your hoodie or put on a pair devil ears. No one’s going to remember seeing you that night, anyway.

Fun – Nile Theatre – Mesa, AZ – October 30th

funTickets: niletheatre.com

Former lead singer of the Tempe indie-rock group, Format, Nate Ruess now heads up this New York-based group with a much more poppy and theatrical sound. Expect creative costumes and lots of dancing of a spirited yet respectful nature.

Possible costume ideas: Steve Zissou. We want everyone to go to this show dressed as Steve Zissou.

The Pietasters & The Toasters – 8×10 – Baltimore, MD – October 30th

The PietastersTickets: findlocal.baltimoresun.com

Where our Baltimore-area ska fans at?! OK, so we know that there’s maybe only one of you out there who has the tolerance for a show like this, but we love ska and this combo is a callback to our youth like none other. Expect this crowd to be a mix of third wave Rude Boys and local scenesters who got their hands on their older, weirder brother’s CD collection.

Possible costume ideas: Black and white zoot suits might be the only acceptable attire.