Eight Jealousy-Inducing Movie Parties

frank the tank

In the real world, most social gatherings have flaws. Whether it’s a bad mix of people, insufficient beverage variety, or perhaps an extreme lack of available talent, we often are unsatisfied with our weekend surroundings. Luckily, a few imaginative filmmakers have allowed us to accompany them on journeys to fictitiously awesome parties. At these dope events, anything seems possible and all legal or social repercussions are quickly ignored. Let the festivities commence.

House Party

Kid n’ Play host California’s 500 best teenage dancers in a small living room and execute the greatest two-man jig of all-time. The “foot thing” has often been imitated but never duplicated. You don’t just wake up one morning with the ability to tap your shoes from behind in perfect rhythm to a late ’80s hip-hop song. It ain’t happening.

Old School

The beauty of the clip is the way Will Ferrell acts out the tank motion with such determination and poise. Don’t forget that Snoop Dogg performs at this event, only to be interrupted by a naked Frank “the Tank.” When you combine a frat house for 30-year-old men and a special set from the D O Double G, a legendary party is born.

Revenge of the Nerds

There’s only one way for a bunch of dorky, white college freshmen to entertain the leaders of a nationally black fraternity: throw a party and smoke joints rolled by Dudley “Booger” Dawson.

Animal House

The toga party to end all toga parties, featuring Otis Day and the Knights. It’s still unrealistic that a band of this caliber would be willing to play at a fraternity. Also, what do you think John Belushi’s date was thinking when he called out the order for the dance move on the floor? It was either “He smells like shit” or “I’m not putting out tonight.”

The Dark Knight

Just hear us out. Yeah, these party goers were almost killed by The Joker. But only Gotham City elites are invited to a Bruce Wayne fundraiser and get to hobnob in the city’s most luxurious penthouse condo. And, these people survived the mob’s pistol whippings, hence increasing their street cred.

Can’t Hardly Wait

It’s the night of high school graduation, and every clique converges on one girl’s house to close the book on adolescence. All hell breaks loose, despite the host’s ill-fated requests for people to stay out of her parents’ “fancy room.” Get a life, honey! The evening transforms Williams Lichter, the class nerd and valedictorian, into a Guns N’ Roses singing legend named “Wild Bill.”

Almost Famous

Today’s equivalent to Russell Hammond crashing a random party on the road and jumping off the roof would be if B.OB. showed up at your apartment, got really messed up and started free-styling in the living room. You could walk around for a long time saying “He’s my boy,” e-mail back and forth and even show girls his number in your phone. Restraining orders take awhile to process.

Garden State

When 26-year-old Andrew Largeman returns home for the first time since heading off to college, he’s welcomed by an epically strange crew of high school friends he hasn’t talked to in nearly 10 years. Without hesitation, they invite him to participate in a relaxing evening filled with spin the bottle, illegal substances and underage women. Solid.