Eight Insane Turkey Videos

George Bush TurkeyAs everyone knows, the holidays can be a stressful time. So in an attempt to bring you some good cheer and a laugh or two, we decided to search the web for videos that present the more absurd side of a holiday devoted to slaughtering and devouring a giant fowl. From the most pornographic non-human thing you will ever see to fires and explosions galore, enjoy the Thanksgiving mayhem.

The Dirtiest Job of them All

In this unreal clip from the awesome Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, host Mike Rowe takes a crack at inseminating turkeys. As you’ll see, if these weren’t birds, there is NO WAY this would have been on TV.

The Worst Possible Place to Fry a Turkey

In this radio show stunt, the dangers of frying a turkey in your living room are explored. Would anyone ever do this? Probably not. Is it amazing to watch? Oh yeah.

Babes, Birds and Firearms

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a plucked turkey if someone shot it with a 50 caliber bullet? Well, if so, you can find out here, complete with hot babes in bikinis.

You Call That a Microwave?

On this segment from Mythbusters, the hosts cook a turkey using radio waves. Pointless? Yes. Awesome? That, too.

At Least the Dog Survived

The best part of this video on “How Not to Fry a Turkey” is when the woman walks in at the start and moves the dog. It soon becomes apparent that she is by far the smartest person at this gathering.

Parking Lot Anarchy

In this bizarre black and white film, a group of like-minded anarchists assemble in a church parking lot for their annual turkey carcass and pumpkin blowing-up festival. When it becomes a “kick the bomb” contest, you know it’s gone too far.

When Turkeys Attack

When wild turkeys invade your New Jersey neighborhood, be smart and do not take your young child out for a bike riding lesson. One commenter describes this scene accurately as “TURKEYRASSIC PARK.”

They Really Can Fly!

And finally, in this classic clip from the Letterman show, Dave disproves the widely held belief that the turkey is a flightless bird.