Eight Hilarious Videos of Botched Slam Dunks

Missed Slam DunksThe LeBron-led, star-stocked Miami Heat have been anything but hot in the first few weeks of this NBA season. They certainly put on a good show in last night’s long awaited return of King James to Cleveland, but still, things haven’t gone nearly as smooth as anyone expected them to. That has to be embarrassing, especially when you consider the fact that many people pegged them a sure thing lock to win the NBA Championship–a slam dunk, if you will.

In fact, slam dunk is the perfect expression for this Heat debacle. Why? Because few plays in the NBA pack as much shame and embarrassment as the missed slam dunk. That’s why we’ve decided to honor the Miami Heat’s less than thrilling start to the season with this collection of eight of the worst missed slam dunks of all time.

LeBron James Misses Four Dunks in a Three Game Span

What better way to start this display of rim-shot rejections than with a quartet of clunkers from LeBron himself? In this video, BronBron misses four wide open dunks all in the span of three damn games. We’d be surprised if he’s missed this many dunks total in all the games he’s played since. But still, the incompetence he displayed in this brief window of time is epic in scale.

The Most Impressive Miss of All-Time

This missed dunk is actually astounding even though the Lakers Shannon Brown can’t convert over Phoenix’s Jason Richardson. As the announcer says, you’ll think there was a trampoline on the court:

Proof That It Can Happen to Anyone

If you think Michael Jordan never missed an easy dunk, check out this clip from the 2002 All Star game of the air being let out of his Air-ness, especially Dikembe Mutombo’s reaction:

Proof That It Can Happen to Anyone Pt. 2

Many have labeled this the “World’s Worst Dunk”. We’re not sure if we’ll go that far, but we do have to give credit for the play by play work. Nice touch adding some flair and commentary to Kobe’s appropriately humble reaction afterwards.

Vince Carter at His Worst

As this incredible collection shows, Vince Carter can slam, but when he misses a dunk it can be equally exciting:

Aiiiiiirrrrrrr Baaaallllllllllll!

How could you take a missed dunk to an even lower level? Can you say air ball dunk? Philly’s Marreese Speights can. And he can back it up!

The Mascots Get In On the Act

NBA players aren’t the only ones who can blow a dunk. Check out the very first dunk attempt from the new Thunder mascot, Rumble the Bison:

Now Everybody Try It!

To end this tale of woe, check out this crazy compilation of pros, Joes and schmoes trying to get their slam on, including one guy who almost gets cut in half trying to jam. And we should advise, if you’re watching this one at work, turn your speakers off first. The dunks won’t get you fired, but the song playing over them most certainly will: