Eight Hilarious Macho Man Randy Savage Interviews

Macho Man Randy Savage

During his prime, Macho Man Randy Savage was one of the most admired showmen and philosophers in the entire world of professional wrestling. He possessed an uncanny ability, usually with the aid of venerable broadcaster “Mean” Gene Okerlund, to beautifully articulate emotions while pretending(?) to be in a state of complete psychosis. The lessons the Macho Man instilled in all of us will undoubtedly last far longer than the amount of time he held the Intercontinental Championship.

These videos are labeled by actual quotes from the interviews, and yes, some of them aren’t coherent sentences. Now, we can’t verify this to be the absolute truth, but we’re pretty sure that the following clips reveal how a person is affected from being simultaneously addicted to cocaine, steroids and rat tranquilizer.

“But Don’t be Hypnotized, No. Reincarnation Doesn’t Have to Be.”

“I’m Always Jittery. It’s My Personality to be Jittery.”

“The European Rampage Tour is a Big Time Jubilee.”

“I’m No. 1, and You’re Numbers Two.”

“And You Know What? I Beat the Zodiac, Yeah.”

“Yes, I Have Bent the Rules a Time or Two, and I Reserve the Right to do it in the Future, Yeah.”

“Maybe I Am Insane, Yeah.”

“It’s Kind of Like Hotel California—You Can Check in, But You Can’t Check Out.”