Eight Awesome Baseball Playoff Celebrations

phillies celebration

Sure, baseball isn’t perfect—just think about the boredom between innings, the absurdly long regular season and the sleep-inducing TV broadcasts (seriously, it’s almost impossible to watch for more than 15 minutes at a time). But it also has some redeeming qualities other than the great rain delay/white t-shirt/light beer trifecta.

With the MLB playoffs looming, we’re reminded of how exciting those moments can be when teams clinch postseason births or win a series in October. There’s something about players storming out of the dugout—especially if the outcome was decided in dramatic fashion—that makes the baseball celebration more fun than other sports. And, many of us think back to how we were so close to experiencing such a thrill in Little League, but then that annoying kid with the extra-protective batting helmet struck out looking with a runner on third and one out in the final inning. Not that we’re bitter or anything. We just hope little Billy was disowned by his parents.

The 2010 Reds Clinch the N.L. Central Division Title

On Tuesday night, Jay Bruce hit a walk-off homer to send the Cincinnati Reds to their first postseason since 1995. At least the Bengals and the city’s phantom NBA team have been consistently good. Wait a second…

The Phillies wrap up the 2008 World Series

“Oh My God!” “Oh My God!” Yeah, you have to love Philadelphia sports fans. Or be horribly, horribly afraid of them.

The Indians win the 2007 ALDS

Somebody edited in Major League announcer Harry Doyle to call the last out of Cleveland’s playoff win against the Yankees. Brilliant.

The Angels Take Home the 2002 World Series

These big wigs had unreal seats, and predictably didn’t get that excited when their team won it all. Go back to the board room you corporate assholes.

The Cubs clinch the 2008 N.L. Central Division Championship

Somebody please stop the terrible singing of “Go Cubs Go.” On second thought, let’s get rid of the song in general.

The 1995 Mariners reach the ALCS

Be honest: you didn’t even know the Mariners existed until Edgar Martinez’s double down the left field line.

The 2006 Mets Clinch the N.L. East

When Shea Stadium was a rockin’…it was advised to stay far away from Queens.

Tampa Bay Clinches Their First Postseason Appearance

Tropicana Field, the home of the Rays, is deceivingly cool in this video. It’s actually supposed to be a steaming pile of poo.