Viral Outbreak: Drug Smuggling Pigeon Captured in Colombia

Never let it be said that criminals aren’t a clever bunch. Police in Colombia captured this pigeon just a few feet away from its intended destination — a jail in the Colombian city of Bucaramanga. Why was it trying to get inside the jail? Because it had been trained to fly there by enterprising drug smugglers! The bird was a messenger pigeon tasked to sneak drugs to incarcerated felons.

The only hitch in the plan was that the package of drugs was a bit too heavy for the loyal bird, who tired out just short of completing its mission and was promptly snatched up by police outside the jail. Luckily for the criminal masterminds behind the plot, all of this was captured on television. So, next time they’ll know to send a slightly smaller stash.

At deadline, charges pending against the pigeon were not made public. Here’s hoping the court shows leniency though.