TSJ Staff Gets Stomped in Fantasy Basketball Challenge


Well, our free fantasy basketball challenge happened this past Friday and, unfortunately, the results for the TSJ staff were less than impressive. Not a single staffer managed to finish in the money. Hell, only two of us even cracked the top 10 (that would be Chris Lathrop and Evan Hoovler, who we assume both cheated in some manner).

Here are the top 10 finishers. Those who placed in the top 5 actually won some cash, lucky jerks:


Our sincere congratulations go out to all of the winners. In case you’re curious, the two TSJ staffers in question occupy the #8 and #9 slots. The rest of us didn’t even register in the top 20. It’s a sad state of affairs around these parts. But rest assured, we will get you next time.

We certainly thank the fine folks at DraftStreet for letting us in on the action. Make sure to check them out at DraftStreet.com for all of your fantasy sports action needs.