Win Cash in TSJ’s Free Fantasy Hoops Challenge!


Fantasy leagues can be such a time consuming nightmare. We certainly don’t have time for them, what with the writing and sexy girl picture posting and excessive drinking and all. That’s why we’re so excited to be teaming up with for this fantasy basketball challenge.

Draftstreet takes the concept of fantasy league sports and strips it down to a time frame perfectly suited for our preschool level attention span…one day. Even better, this one day fantasy basketball challenge is open to any TSJ reader who wants a piece of the action!

Don’t like basketball? Doesn’t matter. You like cash, don’t you? In this economy, who doesn’t? Not you. You love cash. And you want to win some! Here’s how the challenge works:

  • You get $100,000 (in a pretend sense) to build a team of eight players.
  • Select two guards, two forwards, two centers and two utility players (choose wisely, 100k isn’t going to buy a team full of LeBrons).
  • Get your team set prior to the first NBA game this coming Friday (April 8, 2011).
  • Sit back and watch your dominance unfold.
  • The league begins when the first game tips off on Friday and ends when the final whistle of the last game blows the same night. There’s no tracking or trading or stress involved. One day only!
  • Signing up is COMPLETELY FREE!

It’s that easy. The league is exclusively for TSJ readers and there’s a prize pool of $200 to be had. If there’s easier money to be made than this, it’s probably illegal.

Are you ready to dive in?

Click here to visit and sign up now!

If you need more incentive, keep reading, because there’s more!

Not only will you be competing against your fellow TSJ readers, but some of the TSJ staff is getting in on the action also.¬†That’s right, we’ll have teams in action on Friday night also. And we’re just going to say it now…we don’t think you stand a chance against us. You don’t develop the massive beer guts that we have without sitting around watching a lot of sports. We’re ready for you. So bring it!

We’ll be revealing some of the TSJ staff’s teams in the next few days leading up to the drafting deadline. Up first, managing editor (and the guy writing this) Adam Tod Brown.

  • F – Carlos Boozer (Chicago)
  • F – Chris Bosh (Miami)
  • G – Derrick Rose (Chicago)
  • G – Ray Allen (Boston)
  • C – Pau Gasol (Los Angeles Lakers)
  • C – Jermaine O’Neal (Boston)
  • U – Kenyon Martin (Denver)
  • U – Brandon Roy (Portland)

Think you can do better? Click here to sign up and prove it. You could walk away with some easy money for your troubles. The carnage erupts this Friday, April 8, 2011. So don’t delay! Head to and get your team built now!