Cosmic Love: 10 Smoking Ladies from Outer Space

WE’VE CORRALLED SOME OF THE HOTTEST CHICKS FROM OUTER SPACE. Just for you. They look so convincingly human. But they’re aliens. Inter-species sexing is risky, fo sho. But it’s not like it’s exactly bestiality or anything. Because they look human, so it’s cool. It’s intergalactic. Which isn’t something officially, biblically taboo. Yet. But it can be scary because they never just like you for you. Maybe they want to kill you. Or use your body to generate more alien spawn. Which is hot, right, like in a shit-your-pants way, like in a death-by-doing-it-with-Natasha-Henstridge way.

10.Tahnee Welch (Raquel Welch’s daughter) as Kitty in Cocoon (1985)

9.Mathilda May as the Female Alien Vampire in Lifeforce (1985)

8. Michonne Bourriague as Aurra Sing in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace (1999)

7. Dorothy Stratten, 1980′s Playboy Playmate of the Year as Galaxina in Galaxina (1980)

6. Kim Bassinger as Celeste Martin in My Stepmother is An Alien (1988)

5. Natalya Bondarchuk as Hari in Solaris (1972)

4. Alice Krige as the Borg Queen in Star Trek, First Contact (1996)

3. Mila Jovivitch as Leeloo in The Fifth Element (1997)

2. Sigourney Weaver as the Ripley Clone, Alien Resurrection (1997)

1.  Natasha Henstridge as Sil in Species (1995)

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