Classic TV Commercial: Mr. Microphone

It seems that Mr. Microphone is making a comeback. Not the device itself, but the commercial that originally aired in the early ’80s and is now being passed around on Facebook as a YouTube gut-buster that many are seeing for the first time. And what a gut-buster it is, thanks to the cast of characters including the jacked-up trio at the beginning who are probably still feeling the drip from the snort session they just had in the bathroom, the whitest black guy ever who set the template for Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” and the creepy guy with the perm who coined the catch phrase “hey good lookin’, we’ll be back to pick you up later” and probably went on to become one of the founders of All expressing glee over a device that you know didn’t function like it does in the commercial, but rather produced a cacophony of ear-piercing feedback and white noise instead.

Say what you will about the Reagan era and hair metal, but the ’80s were good times—especially if you had a Mr. Microphone in your hand.