Cardioke – A Strong Case for Not Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Controversy abounds when it comes to the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law that permits homosexuals to join the military as long as they don’t actually tell anyone they’re gay. For obvious reasons, it’s an issue that we’ve avoided getting involved with, but truth be told, it does seem like kind of a stupid rule. At least we thought it was until this morning, when we discovered Cardioke.

This new workout video from Billy Blanks Jr., the son of Tae-Bo founder Billy Blanks, combines high impact aerobic exercises you can safely do at home with something that should never be done anywhere but in a smoky bar after at least nine drinks…karaoke. That description might make it sound awful, but trust us, it totally is. But what does it have to do with the military?

Well, according to the YouTube description, the principle at work here, singing combined with aerobic activity, is the very same reason the military uses cadences during their training drills. Apparently, the singing allows you to burn twice the calories you would if you were just working out in silence like the world prefers you to do.

Is a military trained for battle using Cardioke the ultimate end game when it comes to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Probably not, but that shit would be hilarious if it happened.