Captain Morgan’s Perfect Getaway Giveaway!

You thought it was just the day after Cinco de Mayo, right? You were wrong. It’s not just any regular May 6. No way, Jose.

Today is, in fact, your lucky day, you know why? Because you could win stuff.


For reals. TSJ is partnering up with the nice people over at Captain Morgan (and not for the first time, neither, hey). And what that means is that today, and for the next couple of weeks, our favorite yo-ho-ho buds are not just sharing their spoils with the unwieldly staff that is TSJ. Nosiree! Captain Morgan has gone Robin Hood on a good day and they’re throwing prizes at YOU. Yes, YOU, reader of TSJ. YOU ARE GOING TO WIN THINGS.


SECRET THINGS, actually.

THE SCOOP: Captain Morgan is gearing up to ship you some some secret-but-I’ve-seen-the-pics-and-it’s-shwanky stuff. Like you want it. There’s stuff that lights up and plugs in and you can walk around with it and it rhymes with iMan Pini, and there’s stuff for traveling and there’s stuff for TV things… I’m already in breach of contract and I might have to walk the plank for letting so much out already. Don’t let them kill me! I’m too young. I’m too young to die, guys.

So save my life, and win yerself some nice nice stuff, do a couple of good deeds for you and for me like that. ALL YOU GOTTA DO is watch this flick and answer the CHALLENGE QUESTION IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW ONLY. (FB + tweets are sweet but they don’t count FOR THE WIN, and you want to win, dontcha? Sure you do!)

This week’s our last week of the giveaway!


The mechanism used to set the prisoner free; the number of these found in the 2010 Panama excavation is this challenge’s key. (Hint: Sundance.)

Remember, only comments on your original post are counted for points!

Good luck, guys! Hope you win stuff!


Check out rules and regs HERE.