Can’t Sing Girl Proves Singing is Hard

Even for the best of singers, tackling the high notes in the Whitney Houston via Dolly Parton classic “I Will Always Love You” is a daunting task. So one can only imagine how difficult it would be if you also had to punctuate each blown note with an eardrum piercing shriek and a borderline nervous breakdown. But that’s exactly what the girl in this video does, and we have to give her credit, she does it flawlessly.

In all seriousness though, we’re not sure why this kid is having such a tough go at the singing thing. She does everything a person would need to do in order to successfully sing a Whitney Houston song. For example:

  • She takes off her glasses. Those just get in the way of world class vocalization.
  • She pays painstaking attention to her facial features when reaching for high notes. Everyone knows you can’t do one without the other.
  • She drops several f-bombs before eventually devolving into a psychotic episode…just like Whitney Houston!
  • She hides from the camera. Cameras are a problem for a lot of singers, and until science invents one that can be turned off when you don’t want it filming you, it’s a problem we’re just stuck with.

As difficult as it may be, try your best to hang around until the end of the video. At one point she either covers the camera with her sleeve or dies for a second. Whatever the case, the screen goes black for a bit but the singing keeps going. This is what the Blair Witch Project sequel should have looked like.