Brett Favre Sends C*ck Shots to Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger Brett Favre Pics

You can’t make this shit up. From Deadspin by way of The Huffington Post:

Brett Favre may have sent penis pictures to model Jenn Sterger, according to an article at Deadspin. The web site reports that 26-year-old Sterger, a former columnist for Sports Illustrated’s web site who is no stranger to revealing photo shoots, says the legendary quarterback flirted with her when they were both employed by the New York Jets.

Okay, that in and of itself rules in a Greg Oden sort of way. But this is where it gets interesting:

Sterger claimed she spurned Favre’s advances because he was married, but also because she was working for the Jets at the time she didn’t think it was the best idea to start a torrid affair with the team’s highest profile player (the Jets have not responded to a question about any knowledge of the Favre/Sterger saga at this time). Plus, if she went forward with how aggressive he was and how skeeved out she was to some of her superiors, she suspected she might lose her job. The interactions were flirty and strange but she didn’t think there wasn’t anything that made her too uncomfortable. But then, one night, Sterger received a picture on her phone which was so shocking that she just tossed it across the room. It was his dick. Brett Favre’s dick. And it happened multiple times. In fact, Sterger claims that, in one of the photos Favre allegedly sent her, he’s masturbating — while wearing a pair of Crocs. In another photo, Favre is holding his penis while wearing the wristwatch he wore during his first teary-eyed retirement press conference.

WTF, dude? That’s some weird shit y’all Mississippians are into.

UPDATE: We have one of the images! (SFW)