Blake Griffin vs. Alexander Ovechkin



It’s rare that something as common as making a basket in the middle of a game can be the talk of the sports world for days.

But Blake Griffin is also super rare. He’s a beast. His dunk over Kendrick Perkins was pretty much the dream of everyone who ever grew up watching basketball (and still the dream for 5’10” writers who can’t dunk).

Griffin took off from the edge of the paint, made serious contact with Perkins, changed directions, brought the ball back pretty much as far as humanly possible, and – still feet away from the hoop – threw down all over poor Perkins.

It was a dunk we’ll always talk about. All you’ll have to say is Griffin/Perkins, like it was some famous Hamilton/Burr duel, and everyone will know what you are talking about.

But it didn’t stop there. In fact, it only got better.

Apparently being dunked on that hard made Perkins give up on his social life. After the dunk, he deleted his Twitter account (@KendrickPerkins). This is so awesome. And it actually made me like Perkins more, a guy who is a solid player and very good defensively. But apparently he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life being reminded of The Dunk. He was clearly rattled standing on the blocks for the foul line. But this takes it to a new level.

So this week, Blake Griffin, you are the Man Crush of the Week for displaying such great athletic skill you actually ruin a man.



In 2008 I went to a Washington Capitals game in D.C. and Alexander Ovechkin put on the single most dominant performance I’ve ever seen from an athlete. He was everywhere, being physical, clearly showing more talent than anyone else on the ice at any moment. It was awesome to see.

So flash forward four years and Ovechkin is pretty much a shell of what he used to be. I took him with the second pick in my fantasy hockey draft (I clearly have problems) and he has been nothing but a disappointment.

So when he was suspended three games for a hit and the All-Star Game happened to fall in the midst of his suspension, he decided he would skip the game and go cry to himself about his unfair life was since he was already suspended.

Just a few years ago, Ovechkin was the face of hockey. He was everything good about it. Now he’s skipping things he’s honored for because he’s too upset about getting in trouble. And even more telling is that no one cared too much he was missing the game. He’s fallen that far.

I won’t defend the All-Star Game as anything but a joke, but the NHL is in need of stars with Sidney Crosby perpetually injured (and constantly discovering new injuries). It should be Ovechkin. If I were the league, I would have been pretty upset at him. Reportedly his sponsors were. But this was sort of the final straw in Ovechkin’s chance at being regarded as something special still. It’s clear he doesn’t care and in turn, people don’t care about him anymore.


At least he can fall back on his rap career.

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