Hilarious Reactions to Justin Bieber’s Grammy Loss


If you’re a fan of major upsets, then you probably loved the Grammy Awards this year. From Arcade Fire taking home the award for Album of the Year to Eminem only winning two of the ten awards he was nominated for, the results left a lot of fans scratching their heads.

But one upset in particular stood floppy woman hair and shoulders above the rest. We’re speaking, of course, about Justin Bieber losing the Best New Artist award to Esperanza Spalding, who you may remember as the woman you had never heard of until she won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

While we certainly congratulate Esperanza for joining the esteemed ranks of previous Best New Artist winners like Milli Vanilli, Arrested Development, Christopher Cross and Starland Vocal Band; our hearts go out to all of those “Bielebers” out there who feel their favorite teen idol was unfairly snubbed.

As you can see from these nine ridiculous videos, they didn’t take the loss very well…

Bieber’s Aunt is Angry!

One of two possibilities exist here. Either this woman really is related to Justin Bieber and we’re total assholes for making fun of her teary-eyed rant, or this is one of those satirical YouTube videos that are executed so perfectly they fool us all. Whatever the case may be, awesomeness ensues when she mentions that her “nephew” lost to “some woman with a Mexican name.”

Millions of Child Laborers Can’t Be Wrong

There is a considerable amount of synergy at work in this depressing homage to the Biebs. At the very same moment this girl breaks into a borderline racist rant about how even “all those kids making Nike shoes in Chinese factories” know who Justin Bieber is, the audio goes way out of sync. It adds a nice “Kung-Fu Theater” feel to production quality.

Your Lack of Rage Disgusts Us

Don’t get us wrong, seeing anyone less happy than us always makes our day, but that doesn’t change the fact that this young lady’s reaction to this tragedy is a little underwhelming. And something about the fact that she makes it a point to add “that was my genuine reaction” makes us think this is all just a front for the camera and is anything but genuine.

Hey! Careful With Those Hands! That Flat Screen Cost Like Fifteen Bucks!

Overblown reactions to Justin Bieber do not recognize international boundaries. We’re not exactly sure what this girl is saying, but she’s clearly not happy. But our real concern is for that iPad sized television. She’s one over exaggerated arm motion away from completely destroying it. We’ll have you know that’s a 13-inch LCD, young lady. Show some respect!

The Bieber Army Takes the War to Wikipedia

The angry reactions weren’t limited to tweens sitting in front of their television. Some angry Bieber fans immediately headed to Wikipedia to deface Esperanza Spalding’s page to tell her, among other things, “go die in a hole.” Classy!

On a slightly unrelated note, can we as a society relax with calling every unwanted action that happens on the internet a “hacking?” Literally anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. So, go ahead and add this reporter to the list of overblown reactions for saying Bieber fans “broke into” Esperanza’s Wikipedia page. That’s like saying we “broke into” Google and YouTube to find these videos.

Bieber Fans Blow Up Twitter

Speaking of over the top internet antics, this quick thinking YouTube user turned the camera on their Tweetdeck account and searched for “Justin Bieber” immediately after the Grammy loss. The results, as you would expect, were explosive.

Are You Making a Video?

Nobody brings the Bieber drama like children. This little one is absolutely devastated about the Grammy loss and, like any good parent should, her mother broke out the video camera and uploaded a clip on YouTube for the world to laugh at. But the daughter is on to her shenanigans, and her tears quickly turn to a Village of the Damned like glare when she realizes what mom is up to.

My Teenager Lost!

It’s not just girls who were overcome with emotion on Grammy night. Check out this little guy mourning the fact that “his teenager lost.” We admire his willingness to eschew the tenets of manliness in favor of a display of true emotion at such a young age, but hey, kid, he’s not “your” teenager. Bieber belongs to all of us!

The Voice of Reason

As much as we’d like to sit all of these people down and give them a good talking to about how absurd their reactions to Justin Bieber losing a Grammy are, it would be completely pointless and redundant. Not to mention pointless and redundant! Why? Because this level headed girl already did the job for us.