Our 10 Favorite Dads on YouTube

awesome dadIt seems like people are always crediting kittens, flashy news stories and gay men who remake their favorite pop music videos as the stars of the Internet, but we think they’re forgetting one very important category: Dads. But isn’t that always the way? When they’re not working, paying the bills or taking out the trash, they’re holding a FlipCam. And what thanks do we show them!? None! Until now, that is.

These are our 10 favorite dads on YouTube:

Dad Covers Edward Sharpe With His Daughter

Just four weeks after this video was posted, Jorge and Alexa Narvaez have already racked up over four and a half million YouTube views, performed on Ellen and probably got a bunch of free shit. We’re just guessing about the free shit, but that seems like the kind of thing that would happen. Fellas, this may be an excuse to get your old axe out of the garage and teach your kids some Belle and Sebastian lyrics.

Dad Teaches You How to Dougie

Hey, Girl in That Song: Please stop asking that guy to teach you how to Dougie. He’s just not that into you. Plus, there’s a dad out there who will be more than happy to tell you how to do it.

Juggalo Dad

Most people would assume that a Juggalo wouldn’t be cuddly with his kid, but most people don’t understand the truth about Juggalos. Sure, their lifestyle may be defined by their love of Insane Clown Posse, but they’re actually some of the warmest, most family-oriented folks out there. Just check out this dad and his wicked baby.

Dad Defends His Daughter on YouTube

If you found out that your 11-year old daughter had been posting a series of verbally aggressive videos on the Internet and was being attacked by strangers on message boards and blogs across the web, how would you react? Hopefully nothing like Jessi Slaughter’s dad did, but we have to give this guy points for both his passion and “backtracing.”

Dad Dances to Justin Bieber

While most grown men grit their teeth while their tweenage daughters bop around in the backseat of the car to top 40 tunes, this father is dancing right along with them. Rocking moves that are typically only seen on Saturday nights in West Hollywood or when time traveling to Studio 54 in its heyday, it’s pretty clear that this dude doesn’t think that seriousness = good parenting. Or he’s broken into a bottle of the good stuff. Either way: Thumbs up!

Father on Leave from Iraq Surprises His Daughter at Valentine’s Day Dance

Most daughters would be mortified if their pop showed up at their school’s Valentine’s Day dance, but then again, most daughters get to see their father’s every day. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when we saw this touching reunion.

Dad With The Best Laugh

Cut to about two minutes into this video and watch as this dad manages to crack up his sons and then the host of a comedy show all just by laughing himself. It must have been a blast to grow up around a laugh that infectious. Sure, his kids probably all but died of embarrassment whenever they brought over new friends or love interests, but you take the good with the bad.

Cool Dad Tells His Son It’s OK To Be a Single Lady

When people see this video, they always concentrate on how the dad, Carlos Whittaker, brings his son to tears by telling him that he’s not a single lady like the kind Beyonce’s singing about. What we think is great about Carlos is that he immediately reassures his son by saying, “Yeah, you are. You’re a single lady.”

We here at TSJ applaud open-minded and modern parenting.

David After the Dentist

Say what you will about the father who put a video on YouTube of his kid whacked out on pain medication after getting his teeth pulled. Little David’s buckled into the back seat, the safest spot in a vehicle for a child of his size. Let’s not overlook the important things.

Dad Scares Son on Computer

Long before any of the dads on this list understood the importance of posting funny or touching videos on the web, there was this video. A classic. One of the very first viral videos we ever remember seeing, actually. It was so long ago that this kid may no longer be speaking to a therapist three times a week about the events that transpired here.