Beauty vs. The Beast – Fantasy Football Tournament – Week 6

Editor’s Note: The Smoking Jacket’s intern Jake likes to run his mouth about his Fantasy Football prowess here in the office. We thought we’d give him the chance to fall flat on his face and be embarrassed by two of the hottest fantasy football players in the world and hosts of Fantasy Fantasy Football on Sirius Playboy Radio: Pilar Lastra and Deanna Brooks.

This week’s bet: If the girls lose, they’ll be demonstrating a workout routine for us. If I somehow suffer through another defeat, I’ll be subjected to an embarrassing situation derived from the evil mind of TSJ employee Ben Garbe. After last week’s loss dropped my record on the season to 1-4, it was time to be a man and pay up. Before you watch this, let me please explain that the angle is terrible–I actually have a goatee and chin strap, not just the thick mustache that is so evident in the footage. Either way, it’s probably time to re-evaluate the ole’ facial hair strategy. I’m also reading from a script just below the camera and had been forced to wear white makeup. Enjoy.

This week’s picks will only be coming from the AFC, commonly referred to as the little girls conference. It’s also important to point out that it seems rather unfair that Arian Foster only plays well for Pilar and Deanna. The football gods have not been on my side this season. Anyway, here’s the scoreboard and week 6 rosters:

Jake the Intern’s complete Week 5 results: QB: Peyton Manning 7 pts RB: Maurice Jones-Drew 8 pts RB: Arian Foster 2 pts WR: Reggie Wayne 7 pts WR: Miles Austin 22 pts TE: Jermichael Finley 0 pts (got hurt) Defense: Cincinnati Bengals 8 pts Kicker: Nate Kaeding 10 pts Total: 64 pts Pilar and Deanna’s complete Week 5 results: QB: Drew Brees 13 pts RB: Frank Gore 9 pts RB: Ryan Mathews 5 pts WR: Randy Moss 14 pts WR: Roddy White 16 pts TE: Antonio Gates 15 pts Defense: New Orleans Saints 2 pts Kicker: Lawrence Tynes 12 pts Total: 86 pts
Jake the Intern’s complete Week 6 lineup: QB: Philip Rivers RB: Rashard Mendenhall RB: LaDainian Tomlinson WR: Reggie Wayne WR: Brandon Lloyd TE: Antonio Gates Defense: Pittsburgh Steelers Kicker: Nate Kaeding Pilar and Deanna’s complete Week 6 lineup: QB: Matt Cassell RB: Ray Rice RB: Arian Foster WR: Danny Woodhead WR: Austin Collie TE: Aaron Hernandez Defense: Tennessee Titans Kicker: Rob Bironas