Bargument: Facebook vs. Linked-In

Facebook Linked In

With the Social Network recently prevailing in box offices across the country and Wall Street II debuting at about the same time, we began to ponder how the “Greed Is Good” mantra might’ve inspired Mark Zuckerburg to build his social media empire, which, thanks to an alliance with Microsoft, will quite possibly eradicate the use of email altogether. That’s all well and good for tweens and teens, but corporate stiffs are too self-important. They need their own social media structure. Enter Linked-in, which in rare cases it’s the only social outlet for the super suits. Here’s an unusual instance where the plebeian masses have access to something more opulent than the aristocratic few. With that in mind, are you a Facebook or Linked in person? Before you answer, remember, money never sleeps. Does that help? Yeah, us either. Here’s a series of questions to help you decide.

Let’s see how the two stack up in this week’s Bargument: Special Flowchart Edition.

Facebook Linked-In Comparison