Bangs Wants to Meet You On the Facebook

The world was first introduced to Sudanese rap phenomenon Bangs by way of four minutes of Internet hilarity called “Take U to Da Moviez”, a song that accomplishes the Herculean task of being so awful that it’s actually the best thing ever. Much to the delight of Internet citizens the world over, Bangs is back and still at the top of his game.

This time around, he’s spitting an adorably inept rhyme about meeting chicks on Facebook. Judging from the fact that the girl in the video does nothing but hang out on a laptop in what appears to be a motel room, we’re fairly certain he’s pitching cyber-game to a prostitute. And is he saying he’ll be “in the next zoo”?  There’s so much we want to know about Bangs and this video.  But our main question is this—Bangs, why are you so wonderful?

Check out the video for “Meet Me On Facebook” below.  But be advised, it will be stuck in your head the rest of the month.