Ballbreaker: Nicole Craner

Nicole CranerWe ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Nicole Craner

Tattoo Phobia

Why do some people still think that having a tattoo makes you a biker chick? I have a half-sleeve and a tattoo on my back, but I don’t ride around on a Harley with a pony-tailed Hell’s Angel. People need to stop living in the 1970s. Almost everyone I know has a tattoo, and we’re not misfits or criminals. It’s a form of self-expression. It’s not leprosy–it’s ink.

Muffin Tops

I am sorry, but if your jeans don’t fit and your love handles mushroom out over your belt line, it’s time to move up a size. (Or two, or three…) Larger jeans will flatter your figure; you’ll look better and probably feel better. It’s just a pair of pants–you shouldn’t have to hold your breath and do squats to squeeze your ass into them. Ask yourself this: Is getting these jeans on physically painful? Because it’s painful for us to look at.

Virtual Fighters

When did everyone become a fighter? Hello, wearing a Tapout or Affliction T-shirt does not make you a fighter. You belong to 24-Hour fitness and watch the UFC? I’m happy for you, but you’re still not a fighter. Show me your Peruvian necktie and then we’ll talk.

Stop and blink about it

Who are these drivers who don’t signal when they see you waiting at the stop sign? This is not Simon Says, and I am not waiting here just to see your sweet beat-up ride. Signal, dammit, so I can turn!

Bad dancers

Guys, if you know you can’t dance, don’t try. Stick to your strengths. You’re good-looking, a sharp dresser, a good conversationalist and you know how to give a girl a compliment–I’m turned on already. I don’t need you to prove anything on the dance floor.

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